7 Fantastic Things About Being In A Sorority

One of the best decisions I ever made in college was joining a sorority. I need to tell you that my particular sisterhood is not a traditional sorority, but I imagine that a lot, if not all, of the things on this list would also apply to Pan-Hellenic organizations.

(I’m about to talk a little bit about how I got involved in GAL, and GAL itself specifically, so if you’re here for the list, feel free to jump ahead.)
Going into college, I never thought of myself as a sorority girl. I had a very stereotypical view of greek life, and that just wasn’t me. My first semester, my suite-mate Jenny wanted me to rush with her and I turned her down. At that point in life, I was still afraid of trying new things. For those of you wondering, Jenny went forward with rushing and made a friend in her new sisterhood that she ended up moving in with, no longer making her my suite-mate. During our first couple months of school, before she moved out, Jenny and I had become pretty good friends, but once she left I hardly saw her anymore and we fell out of touch. I also lost a good friend from high school due to a car accident that semester. Though I was making a lot of other friends, I started to consider joining an organization of some sort. At the beginning of my second semester while I was waiting by the elevator, I saw a sign. It read something to the extent of, “Join Gamma Alpha Lambda, Christian Sisterhood.” So I went to an informational meeting and ended up falling in love. It was the clear place for me.

So what is Gamma Alpha Lambda, or GAL for short, if its not a traditional sorority? Its technically a student organization that was started at Missouri State University in 2003. GAL is a Christian sisterhood that a one point had four chapters across the state of Missouri. To quote our chant, “We’re daughters of the King serving Alpha and Omega.” Here are some videos about it if you’re interested in knowing more:
About Gamma Alpha Lambda
About GAL
What is GAL?

So what are some fantastic things about being in a sorority?

#1- Fun
When you think about sororities, many people think of girls who like to party and have fun together, and that is completely true! Social events with my sisters were often the highlight of my week! From casual events like cereal parties and Milkshake Mondays to holiday parties and formals, there was never a lack of fun to have!
A group of GALs at our Fall Formal in 2011
Its okay to invite guys to go with you too. Its really fun, especially if they love to dance and rip their pants in a dance off with one of your sisters.
billy and me2
My first GAL formal
(Its a great time to re-wear that prom dress you only wore once too!)

#2- Brother Fraternities
I don’t know if its true of all sororities, but we had a brother fraternity that we did social events with and teamed up with for intramural sports. Some of my good guy friends from college were from Delta Tau, our brother fraternity.
frisbee team
Our GAL/DT intramural ultimate frisbee team

#3- Roommates
When you have 100 sisters, you’re never at a lack of people to live with. Throughout college I lived with a total of four of my sisters. One semester in the dorms and one in an apartment with Ari, a year and a half in a house with Kristen, and one semester in a house with Emily and Jessy.
One of my four GAL roomies

#4- Bigs and Littles
If you’ve ever met a girl in a sorority, you’ve probably heard of bigs and littles. We’re all super excited to find out who our big sister will be, and extremely proud when we become a big ourselves. Often times our “families” even have names. Mine didn’t have a name, but I do know that my grand-big had six or seven littles making our family quite large! Even though I’m actually better friends with some of my other sisters, nothing will change that my big is my big, and my little is my little. And I’m proud of that!
rona and me2
My big, Rona, and I
me and sarah
My little, Sarah, and I

#5- Built in Support
Because you’re sisters, bonded by those three Greek letters, you support each other no matter what. Need someone to study with? Call your sister. Need someone to eat in the dining hall with? Call your sister. Need someone to take care of you when you’re sick? Call your sister. Need a distraction from stress, someone to just listen, or just some random fun? Yeah, you know where I’m going with this. Not gonna lie, I’ve done all of these things and probably more. I have to say, this is probably the best part of being in a sorority.
A random excursion of sledding in a laundry basket

#6- Friends for Life
Aside from all of the fun I had with my sisters (and brothers) in college, I continue to be friends with them beyond college. The bond of sisterhood will never be broken. Just because you’ve moved on to different places and things, doesn’t mean you’re no longer sisters. A lot of times you’ll find yourself in, or attending, your sisters’ weddings. The fun and support never ends.
All of the GALs at a sister’s wedding

So if you’re considering joining a sorority, I recommend it. I became a better version of myself after joining Gamma Alpha Lambda. To quote one of my sisters from an encouraging note we wrote each other during a meeting (Yes, I still have it), “You are a good friend and I love that you aren’t afraid to be yourself. You are a very funny person and I like you a lot!” Before joining GAL, I don’t think anyone would have ever said I wasn’t afraid to be myself, or that I was funny. I was insecure in every sense of the word, but my sisters accepted me for who I was. It was one of the first times in my life that I truly felt comfortable being me. So that’s #7- Being able to be yourself, with no judgement.

I’ll close with our Bible verse:
Proverbs 31:30: “Charm is deceptive, and beauty if fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised!”
mu class
My rush class at our induction


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