Thoughts on “Parody of Our Modern Church Service”

(I wish I could’ve come up with a more catchy title here, but alas, I’m not very creative.)
In my very first post here(Why?), I mentioned that part of the reason I was inspired to start a blog in the first place was because of a video I watched. The comments that had been made on this video angered me and I really wanted to share all of my thoughts on the matter. So here I am to write a no holds barred blog about it. You’re probably wondering what the video was that got me so worked up, so I’ll post a link just for you! You can choose whether or not to watch it before reading, but I would suggest that you do, and maybe read some of the comments that come along with it.
You Can Watch the Video Here
(I re-watched the video again, and now I’m not as mad at it, but I will try to remember the things that got me the first time.)

Now before you get all up in arms about it, I do recognize the point this video is trying to make, and that’s all fine and dandy, but I want to focus on what I didn’t like about it. Keep in mind that these are purely my opinions.

#1- It seems like whoever made this video is parodying their own church. It seems strange to me to joke about your own service in this way. Don’t you want the members of the church to take the worship service seriously? If I was a member of this church, I don’t know that I could after watching this video.

#2- “Opening Song, you know its cool because you heard it on the radio.” If its a worship song based in scripture, who cares if its on the radio? In my own opinion, its easier for me to worship when I know the song. I’m not distracted by trying to figure out how it goes, or learning the words, I can just purely worship. And isn’t that what you’re supposed to do at church? Worship?

#3- “This is the song that everyone knows.” See #2.

#4- “My new song nobody knows. Nobody knows this song. I want you to learn this song.” I know its contradictory to what I said before, but there isn’t anything wrong with new songs, especially when its later in the service because you’re already in that worship mindset. It might be a scripturaly sound song by an artist that not many people know, but it might eventually become “the song that everyone knows.”
The “buy my record in the bookstore after the service” part is pretty sadly true for some churches though. Its a worship service, not a concert!

#5- “Feel free to give if you feel led, its between you and God, but we’re tracking it.” As far as I know, churches don’t track what you give to see who gives more. Some people claim it on there taxes and need proof of what they’ve given throughout the year. And if you don’t want the church to track it, put cash in the offering plate.

#6- “I have all the answers.” I’ve never once gotten that impression from any pastor!

#7- For all of the comments about how the pastor speaks, its called keeping your audience engaged. You don’t want the members of your church to zone out mid-sermon!

#8- “Long prayer so that the worship leader can get back on stage.” A prayer is a prayer. Yes, the worship leader/band often uses this time to come up, but that doesn’t make the prayer ingenuine.

Now that I’ve already covered a lot of stuff, let’s look at some comments that rubbed me the wrong way:
“They left out the two easels on each side painting ‘as the Holy Spirit leads.’ My question is why would the Holy Spirit put such distraction at the reading and or teaching of Gods word.” -Lynn M.
This isn’t the whole comment, but I didn’t really feel like addressing the whole thing in this blog. Having been a member of a church where we had an artist drawing during the service on occasion (shout out to Bobby!), I can say that it is in no way a distraction! If anything, it is supplemental. It really comes down to the way people learn. Some people are auditory learners who will remember everything from the sermon just by listening, but not everyone is the same. For visual learners, like myself, seeing artwork that portrays the message can really drive home a point.

“THIS is why I don’t like going to church anymore. Everything is SO predictable. They control the mood of the place with the songs and the way they present themselves. It’s all show BUSINESS- it is about revenue and trying to sell something. THIS is the formula for the ‘MEGA CHURCHES’. If I go at all, I go to a smaller church where I can walk up to the pastor when I see his car in the parking lot. This is nOT quite what Jesus had in mind. BUT HEY, like the old saying, IF ONE PERSON GETS SAVED, THEN IT IS ALL WORTH WHILE!!!” -Mike Hevalow
Let me just say that both contemporary and traditional churches are predictable. Each church uses a specific order of worship. In the past couple years serving on a ministry team, I experienced a lot of traditional churches. I can tell you from experience that traditional services are just as predictable, just in a different way.


And here’s a comment that I would agree with:
“While people of a certain age or background may prefer particular style other than that shown, there is nothing wrong with the modern style. It draws people in who would otherwise not attend, and it is for them, for the young or those with a ‘boring’ image of church meetings. It would also be ready to parody any other church style.” – Trevor Hawes
Exactly. Not everyone worships in the same way, and we shouldn’t judge others by what they prefer.

So that’s it. I know its kind of a long blog, sorry! I just want to say that I recognize this can be controversial and I’m purely stating my opinions here. Not saying I’m right or wrong, and maybe I took a parody video too seriously, but as always, feel free to share your opinions with me! I’d be interested to hear what you have to say on the topic!


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