You may be wondering a lot of things at this point. Why did I decide to start a blog? Why is the blog called behrnakedlady? What I am going to write about? And probably some other things too. Well, in this introduction to a new thing I’m trying out, I’d like to answer those questions.

Let’s start with the name of the blog. You may be perplexed by the name and I’m here to tell you why I chose it. Besides the fact that I’m really not that creative of a person, there are a few reasons. First of all, Behr. Behr is my last name, for those of you I don’t personally know who may be reading this. There are so many different punny things I could do with the word behr/bear/bare! Unfortunately, having attended a college where our mascot was the bear, many of those punny things have been ruined for me. Bear Necessities, The Growl, and the Bear Claw are just a few of the things that have a different meaning to me. So you chose BehrNaked? Yes.

To answer another question, I plan to share my “barenaked” thoughts with the world. I want to be completely real and raw with all of my readers. No reservations about what society or the majority thinks. Just me baring my own personal opinion. I’ve always been horrible about letting other people influence what I think, and I believe its time to let that go.

That brings me to that last question I posed. So why am I writing a blog? I’m no writer! Writing was always one of my worst school subjects. Well, I had this crazy idea because I watched a video that made me kinda angry. All I wanted to do was comment about everything I found wrong with said video. Then I thought, what if I created a blog where I could be as honest as I want about whatever I want? So here I am to bare my thoughts to y’all! I can’t promise any sort of theme to you, and I definitely can’t promise you any sort of consistency, but I can promise not to hold back. This is a bit of a scary thing for me. I’m not used to being so open, but I’m certainly going to try! My hopes are that this blog will be a healthy outlet for all of my thoughts.

So no, there will not be any naked pictures here, and I’m certainly not a member of a band who sings the theme song of a certain CBS comedy. I’m just here sharing the barenaked thoughts a mid-twenties female and I hope you join me on this wild unpredictable ride!


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